Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Africa, here we come!

We are excited to share we will be moving to Africa in July, God willing. An opportunity has opened with African Inland Mission (AIM) for us to serve two years at Rift Valley Academy (RVA) in Kijabe, Kenya. RVA was established in 1906, and has a long history of serving the needs of the children of missionaries and their families.  It is a K-12 school, serving about 500 students a year as both day and boarding students.  We have accepted a position, and John is slotted to teach 6th grade at “Titchie Swot”, the elementary portion of the Academy, a position he served in for seven years previously.  For John, this move will be a little like going home, but for Becky and the girls, everything will be new.
We will soon post our prayer letter and information on how you can join our prayer support team!


  1. this is exciting!! Sad for us, but exciting to make such a move and experience a new culture and see what God has for you in Africa!

    1. It is exciting to see how God will use us in Africa. We are ready for this adventure!