Sunday, April 30, 2017

Surprised by God!

Hello!!  We are excited to share that our Missions Garage Sale was a HUGE success.  We were a bit surprised to see how much stuff was donated, how many people came out to support us, and the number of shoppers that kept coming all three days!!
We had enough items donated to set up on two driveways and in two garages.  We also had enough donated that we were able to put out new items each day.
We had shoppers show up, who we had never met, and offer to help us organize items.  They would tell people that this was a sale for missions and they should buy MORE!!  We had a kind lady show up on Saturday morning who ended up staying for hours to help shoppers find items that they just couldn't live without!!!  We saw several items get bought just after she moved it to a different location.  She had a gift for selling items at garage sales!

Two driveways and two garages!!

Our family and friends?  They went above and beyond to help us!  We had friends and family babysit our girls, help organize before the sale, help run the sale, provide us snacks, lunch, dinner, and pick up things we needed for the sale.  Becky had two dear college friends drive over 3 hours to come help.  One of her friends brought her two sweet daughters who played with our daughters so John and Becky could both be at the sale on Saturday.
Becky and her dear friends Carrie and Diane, 
Becky met them her freshman year in college.

The weather forecast included rain for the three days we had the sale.  We were concerned about the weather, so we found a plan B location on Saturday.  Our plan B wasn't needed!  Thank you, God, for sending the dry weather and sunshine!
The sales from the garage sale went way past our goal and will allow them to purchase everything they need to pack for their two years in Africa.  John can get new running shoes and Becky can get the sturdy shoes she needs for pushing the double stroller up and down the hills at the school in Africa.
We were thankful that John's mother and his twin brother's family opened their garages and welcomed the mess and craziness the sale brought.  They were generous, helpful, and cheerful through the whole process!!!
We were pleasantly surprised by the success, but when we stop to reflect on the experience, we should not be surprised.  Anything is possible with God!!  He was watching over us and blessed us in too many ways to count!!!!  Thank you God!!! And thank you to our family, friends, and shoppers!!!!
Becky and John feeling thankful for such a successful sale!!

**Photos taken by Carrie Simpson

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