Friday, June 23, 2017

Final Countdown!!

June has been a busy month!  We have been packing our 300+ lbs of luggage, packing up our home, and saying good-bye to friends and family.  We thank God for meeting our needs for financial support and for final clearance from AIM!  We have felt your prayers and can't wait to share our mission in Africa with you!! 
John has worked hard to pack each bag to weigh 50 lbs!
Here are some important dates coming up:

July 2- Commissioning Service at Lone Jack Baptist Church, EVERYONE IS INVITED!!  Church begins at 10 a.m.  

July 5 Leaving Day!  Once we arrive in Kenya we will spend several nights at a Missionary Guest House to adjust to the time change and recover from the 24+ hours of traveling.

July 11- August 1 African Based Orientation, We will attend ABO for three weeks.  We won't have access to reliable internet, so we may not be able to post updates while at training.

During the first week of August we will get settled into our new home at RVA. In August we will also have New Staff Orientation and Staff Inservices.  School starts on Aug. 28.

Once we arrive in Kenya, we will have a lot to learn while adjusting to our new home.  We would appreciate your prayers!  
Here are our specific prayer requests:

*Please pray for our hearts, attitudes, emotions, and patience as we pack our home, finish our "to do" list, and say good-bye to family and friends.
*Please pray for our family and friends as they say good-bye to us, learn to Skype, and wait for updates.
*Please pray for a smooth plane ride.  Pray that we will make our connecting flights, we will get rest on the plane, and our luggage will ALL arrive safely.  We are looking forward to flying with the girls.  It will be a long trip, but our girls love to travel.  We are excited to share this experience with them!  We have been reading books about planes and visited the KCI airport to help prepare them.
*Please pray for Ruthie and Gracie and their transition to orientation and our new home. As you can see from our schedule, it will be close to four weeks before we are settled in our home.  This may be challenging for our family.
*Please pray for our time at Orientation.  Pray that John and Becky will learn valuable information and the twins will enjoy their time with the child care workers and other children.
*Please pray for the leaders at ABO and other families attending.  Pray that everyone attending ABO will be safe while traveling and adjust to the time change and new environment.

If you would like to hear the sermon John shared at Lone Jack Baptist Church on April 9, then visit the website below.  John shares more about our mission in Africa

Thank you for being part of our team and for your prayers!!  Please send us your prayer requests!  We would love to pray for you and your family too!  If you would like to receive our email updates, then send us your email address via the contact us button on the right side of our blog.

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