Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The School Bells are Ringing

The school bells are ringing and the 2017-2018 school year has begun!  John is teaching four geometry classes and one 8th grade math class.  His classes are going well and his students take their first unit tests this week.

Teaching here at Rift Valley Academy is much different than in the states.  John is still out the door by 7 am, but now he walks to his classroom that is located just about 150 yards down the road from our house.
We live in a duplex.  Our door is on the left.

This picture was taken at the end of our driveway.
John's classroom is behind the building in the center.  
John walks home each day for lunch.  The girls and I love being able to see John during the day.  We also join him for chai a few days a week for about 20 min in the morning.  We are thankful to have the extra family time!
John's classroom is on the ground floor.  Such beautiful windows!
 The parking lot in the first picture is just outside his classroom.

John and I are sponsoring 8th grade.  This Friday is a class night.  I (Becky) will meet the class officers and another sponsor at lunch to plan the activities.  Then, in the evening, we will meet with the entire 8th grade class for 90 minutes of activities, fellowship, and snacks.  The snacks are very important!!  RVA has class nights for grades 7-12 a few times a month.

John and I are also teaching 5th grade Sunday School.  We have about 12 boys and meet with them in the elementary building.  Ruthie and Gracie love helping us teach!  They attend their class (Children's Church) during the sermon on the Sundays that we have church at RVA.  The first Sunday of the month the school attends the local African Inland Church.

Daddy and Ruthie walking to the church on campus.
Ruthie and Gracie are adapting well!  This week they started attending preschool for two hours twice a week.  They love playing outside and meeting their friends at the playground.  We take the milk jugs to the cafeteria several mornings a week.  We drop them off in the morning and pick up the filled containers in the afternoon.  
Above: Taking the milk jugs to the cafeteria to be filed.
Below: Ruthie and Gracie find a butterfly while exploring in our backyard.
We have started to adapt to our new routine and appreciate your prayers during these many months of transition.  We continue to ask for your prayers!  Here are some ways you can pray for us:

Johns teaching- Pray that he will have see the needs of his students and have the wisdom to help them.
Ruthie and Gracie- Pray that they will continue to adjust to sleeping in a new home and build strong relationships with the adults and children around them.
Becky- Pray that she will grow spiritually while attending Bible study and continue to adjust to being a stay at home mom in a new country. 
Students- This is the third week of school and is often a time when students begin to feel homesick.  Please pray that the students will be able to settle in and connect with adults and other students.
Elections: The Kenyan Supreme Court has nullified the results of its presidential election that was held in August.  The new election will be held in October.  Please continue to pray for a peaceful and safe election.

We thank you for your prayers!
In the love of the Savior we Serve,
John, Becky, Ruthie and Gracie

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