Tuesday, October 3, 2017

October Update and Prayer Requests

It is now October and our families in America are starting to enjoy the beauty of Autumn.  Here in Kijabi the days seem warmer as we wait for the short rains.  It is dry since we had little rain in September.

Mid-Term break begins this Friday after lunch and the students return on Tuesday, Oct. 10.  Our family is checking out one of the school's cars and traveling to Nairobi to stay at a missionary guest house for two nights.  Please pray that we will be safe while we travel (John's first time driving since he returned to Kenya) and that we will be able to rest over the break.

During Mid-Term the boarding students return to their families or spend time with their guardians off campus.  Please pray that the students' have a safe and positive break.  Some of the students may travel a great distance, so please pray for their safety while traveling.  As they return, please pray that their hearts will be guarded from homesickness.  This will be the only break before term ends on November 25.  Returning to school can be a tough transition for some of the students.

Next week (Oct. 11-15) is Spiritual Emphasis Week.  Please pray for the speakers, band, and students. 

The girls continue to attend preschool on Mondays and Fridays.  There were 14 kids in the class, so the class was split in two.  The groups take turns using the indoor classroom.  The other class meets in the elementary library and does other outdoor activities.  Becky will be teaching five times starting the end of October.  Please continue to pray for wisdom and patience for the teachers and growth for the preschoolers.

Our family is looking for a vehicle.  Please pray that we will have patience for God's timing and that we will have wisdom while making decisions. We want to find a car that will be safe and reliable for our family.

Thank you for your prayers and support!!
Please let us know how we can pray for you!!

In the love of the Savior we serve,
John, Becky, Ruthie, and Gracie
Ruthie and I made Bear a car.  I love how the girls use their imaginations!
We gets some interesting looks from the workers on campus when I'm pushing the girls.
 I don't think they are used to seeing a double stroller.
Girls are playing on a unique swing here on campus.
The seat from the swing has an incredible view!!
Playing in the leaves!
Autumn 2016

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