Thursday, January 11, 2018

Community, Cookies, and Rain

Multiple times a term, we open our house to students for an activity called Caring Community.  John and I have a group of six 8th grade boys in our group, and they love to be active and do active things.  Soccer and Dodge ball against other groups are always hits, but this last Friday night, we did a different activity.  We had the guys in for a night of playing Wii and making Hand Cookies.  Hand Cookies are just like they sound.  You roll out dough, place your hand on it, and then cut around it, creating a hand cookie. The boys had a blast making and decorating cookies and racing Mario Cart over and over again.  By the time it was time to go, the boys were full of cookies, poor Mario was worn out, and it was pouring rain.  After praying over the boys, we sent them back to their dorms with a few more cookies for the road, and in true missionary kid fashion, they never batted an eye at the rain.  They fun group and we enjoy having them in our home!!

John cutting out Gracie's hand cookie after he traced her hand.  Hand Cookies are a family holiday tradition that Uncle Dan Dixon shared with us.

Guys playing Wii in our living room.

Ruth decorating her hand cookie.  Since we were limited on time, we added chocolate chips and chocolate smarties before we baked the cookies.  We usually add icing and candy after the cookie is baked and cooled.

Gracie and her hand cookie.

One of the guys enjoying his cookie.  We used Aunt Shelly's recipe and they were delicious!!

Hand cookies ready to bake.

I took this picture from our kitchen.  You can see our kitchen table and the guys playing Mario Cart Wii in our living room.
Speaking of rain, the rains seem to have come, even though it is not the rainy season.  We have been having rain in the afternoons the last several days, with brief showers of maybe .05 inches, but over the last 36 hours or so, we have gotten more than an inch and a half. Rain is always considered a blessing, even when it comes out of season.
The girls trying out their new raincoats and boots!

 Please pray for our students, for the rains, and for God's blessing to remain on us and on Rift Valley Academy as we seek to serve God.

In the love of the Savior we serve,

John and Becky, Ruthie and Gracie

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