Sunday, February 25, 2018

Soaking Up the Son!

Hello Team!  We wanted to send out a quick update!  In four weeks second term will be completed and we will enjoy a four week break!
John has been busy teaching geometry and 8th grade math.  He is working on improving his speed while running on and off campus.  This past weekend he taught Sunday School for 8th grade boys and is waiting on the government to process his paper work to begin driving the school buses.  He will be able to drive students to sporting events, special activities, and to the airport.

Becky has been teaching preschool on Monday and Friday mornings.  This keeps her busy!  She is also helping to direct the elementary musical, Soaking Up the Son, which will be preformed the third week of third term.
Becky reading to all ten students.

We are enjoying sponsoring the 8th grade class and are starting to plan for our big event, 8th Grade Celebration, third term.  We also have hosted our caring community several times this term.  This past Friday the boys rolled out their own dough and made personal pizzas.  They also loved winning prizes as they tried to unroll them from a saran wrapped ball.  We had filled the ball with candy from Halloween and Christmas!  The favorite prize was a coupon to have dinner with our family!  I'm sure they will want pizza!

In the last four weeks of second term we have several prayer requests.
Please pray...
- for the students' health.  We have had many students in the past 48 hours become sick with fevers and colds.

-our enderance, wisdom, and strength these last four weeks.  We want the staff and students to finish the term well.

-our administration.  Please pray for wisdom and compassion for the needs of the staff and students.

-for Becky's Dad, Jerry.  He is having a medical procedure on Thursday.  Please pray that everything goes well, wisdom for the doctors, and pray for the family helping to care for her Dad during and after the procedure.

-for our family as we continue to grieve the loss of Becky's mother.

-for Ruthie and Gracie as they celebrate their 4th birthday on March 26!   

We appreciate your prayers!  
Thank you for the Christmas Cards and Valentine's Day cards we recieved!  Mail has been taking 2-4 weeks to arrive at RVA from the states.  There is plenty of time to send a birthday card to the girls!  If you want to add something flat to their card, then stickers, bandaids, a DVD, and pictures can be sent with the international stamp.  Our address is:
P.O. Box 80
Kijabe 00220


We know that many people in our home town have been battling ice.  Here in Kijabe we have been soaking up the sun!  Today the temperature was about 80 degrees in the shade.  We will enjoy this weather while we can.  We pray that the rainy season will come soon.  But once the rains begin, we lose our warmer temperatures.  So we will be thankful for the rain and will soak up the SON as we preapre to celebrate Easter!

Please let us know how we can pray for you!

In the Love of the Savior We Serve,
The Myricks

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