Tuesday, April 17, 2018

I Love A Rainy Night

Our backyard with a foggy, rain.
Our front yard with a foggy, rain.
It is 6:47 in the evening here in a cool, wet Kijabe.  Supper is finished and the dishes are done. My wife is on the couch reading a book while fighting a fever that seems to be going around campus, Ruthie is in the kitchen, standing on a stool and pretending to wash the dishes, and Gracie is painting a water picture at the table. John is sitting on a stool enjoying the fire.  We are enjoying the last few days of break and preparing for the return of the students for the start of term three in just a few days. 

The second term at Rift Valley Academy went well for the students and the teachers.  John continued in his role of Geometry and 8th grade Math teacher, and Becky continued in her role of mother of twins, class sponsor, preschool teacher, and general manager of the household.  Although the substitute for John during the end of the first term was excellent, “Mr. Myrick” was welcomed back by his students.

Life at RVA is always busy, and second term was no exception.  John worked hard to stay ahead of his hard working Geometry students, and Becky took the leading role of teaching the preschool program. Normally, the parents divide up the teaching responsibilities, but after teaching the first two weeks of the term, Becky decided to stay on as the lead teacher to give the kids some normalcy in the program, establishing routines for the classroom.  Other parents helped out throughout the term.  Becky also took on the directing of the acting part of the elementary musical, which will be performed the third weekend of this coming term.

We were able to buy a car here at the end of first term, taking possession of it when we returned in late December. The car has proven its worth in taking us back and forth to Nairobi for shopping and dentist appointments. This last weekend, we took another family with us to Ol Pajeta, a private game reserve close to the base of Mt. Kenya. The rains have come to Mt. Kenya and the roads were exceptionally muddy. John enjoyed navigating the park in his four-wheel drive Toyota Prado. The car has some age on it, it’s a 1995 model, but had been refurbished well by the previous owner.
John is teaching G about lions as
one rests by the road.

On the left, John has help while driving slowly through the game park.  The sunroof made a great extra window to watch the animals from.  We will post another blog with more pictures and stories from our safari!

A savanna elephant.  We saw over 50 adult and baby elephants
In our effort to bring a blessing to the people around us, we will often stop and pick up passengers heading up or down our road from the main road.  We had a new adventure the other day when John stopped to pick up a few RVA workers heading up the hill for home after work one day.  Those workers called to some friends, and before we knew it, we had ten people in the back of the Prado, and area the size of the back of a station wagon. They chatted happily with each other and the girls as we took them a couple of kilometers up the hill. Grateful for the ride, there was not one word of complaint as they unpacked themselves to unload at their various destinations. 

We were grateful to everyone for the encouragement and support during the unexpected passing of Becky’s mother, Sandy.  Our home church, Lone Jack Baptist, gave us tremendous support, conducting Sandy’s funeral, providing the meal for family and friends, and encouraging us as a family. They also gave financially above all we could ask or imagine. Their financial gifts covered the entire cost of the unexpected trip home. God is good, and He used many of you to bless us during this difficult time. 

The long rains have started in Kenya, so we are having cool temperatures, with a high of about 60 yesterday, and wet days, with nearly 4 inches of rain in the last four days. This is a good start to the rainy season and, God willing, the people around us will be able to grow enough food this year.  Hunger is a constant concern to the poor in Kenya and the blessing of a successful rainy season is important to their health.

As we look forward to the start of third term classes on Monday, please pray for the following:
       1.  Pray for the rainy season to bring enough water over the next six weeks or so without flooding out the shambas (gardens).
       2.  Pray for the students as they prepare for the third and final term of the school year. Pray for the many who must say good-bye to their parents as they settle into boarding school again.
       3.  Pray for John as he seeks to share Christ and teach the principles of God in the mathematics classroom.
       4.  Pray for Becky as she works with the students acting in the Titchie musical  (5th and 6th grade).
       5.  Pray for Christ to be shared liberally with those who do not know him, both here in Kenya and at home where you live.

Thank you for your prayers, love, and support.  Please let us know how we can pray for you!

In the love of the Savior we serve,
John, Becky, Ruthie, and Gracie Myrick

We celebrated the twins' 4th birthday at Turtle Bay Resort on the Indian Ocean!
We took a 6 hour train ride and
 two hour taxi ride to travel to Watamu, Kenya.

The girls enjoyed drinking hot chocolate and chai by the pool!

We went looking for shells during low tide.
We found many beautiful shells!

A local showed us where to find sea urchins and eels during low tide.

The Indian Ocean!  The water was extremely warm!

R and G enjoy a Traffic Light drink by the pool!  What a fun and relaxing way to start our break! 


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